Elizabeth Scott - The Shanty Keeper's Wife

We shall rejoice and we feel certain that the people of this colony – Men with sisters dear, Men with mothers and wives – will join with us, should the Executive resolve to temper justice with mercy and commute the sentence passed upon this wretched creature to one not less dreadful to her but less shocking  to the feelings of the women of Victoria.

The Herald, 5 November 1863

…‘Davey, would you not then clear me?’

The Argus, 12 November 1863 p4






Old Melbourne Gaol where Elizabeth Scott was hanged on 11 November 1863, along with Davey Gedge and Julian Cross. The first cell block was opened in 1845, but extreme overcrowding following the gold boom (1851 on) led to a second cell block (1859) and further extensions through the 1860s.
Source: http://ergo.slv.vic.gov.au/sites/default/files/imagecache/download/b28602.jpg


Elizabeth Scott's only obituary. Source: Victorian Government Gazette, No 115, 17 November 1863

The signatures of Melbourne Gaol Governor George Wintle, Sheriff of Victoria Claude Farie and Deputy Sheriff William G. Brett of Beechworth, as they appear on the inquest documentation for Julian Cross.